Over more than 25 years, Campus Publishers has become the #1 US publisher of Official University Visitors Guides by building lasting, meaningful and productive client relationships. We are passionate about helping our university clients improve recruitment outreach, showcase campus offerings and promote their brands. Our highly personalized customer service produces quality print and digital platforms that provide unique integrated user experiences.


You’re in control

  • Our products are designed to be flexible enough to suit your university’s individual needs.
  • You retain full editorial control over content and distribution.
  • Reuse content created for other publications for maximum efficiency or create new material to maximize the Guide’s effectiveness.
  • Choose what’s best for your university: the full integrated magazine, website and mobile app package, or à la carte components.
  • Extend your brand’s exposure beyond your native marketing materials through our products and social media presence.

Your content, Your Message

We are here for you

Exceptional Service

  • We provide a highly personalized customer experience, working with you every step of the way.
  • Have a question or issue? Get in touch with a person who knows your name. Not a robot, not an off-shore call center, not an automated email message.
  • Production and marketing support help streamline the process of publishing a Guide and its accompanying materials from conception to delivery and beyond.

Product Benefits

  • Our attractive publications are free of charge to both university and user, a great addition to recruitment tools used by high school counselors and admissions officers.
  • High quality glossy magazines add value to your visitor center offerings in a time of shrinking print budgets, and provide take-homes that keep the university fresh in visitors’ minds.
  • Provide an in-depth visual journey through your unique university community and capture the vibrant college culture and experience for students who can’t visit in person.
  • Our products help visitors —whether students, parents, conference attendees, or just passers-by— learn about, navigate around and experience everything your campus has to offer.

Improve your recruitment and enrollment efforts

Today we are the leading national publisher of Official University Visitors Guide magazines, websites and mobile apps.

Learn more about our products or contact Brent about creating a visitors guide for your university.


  • 1988: Founded as campus phone directory publisher.
  • 2002: Created the Official University Visitors Guide Magazine concept.
  • 2003: Produced the first Official Visitors Guides for the University of South Florida, University of Alabama, and University of Washington — all still satisfied clients today!
  • 2009: Launched University Visitors Network as an online resource for college-bound students. This consumer website provides a quick glance at more than 45 university visitor guides that feature university statistics, community and lifestyle information.
  • 2012: Introduced our mobile platform, a versatile app with GPS-enabled campus tour navigation.